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These general conditions of sale apply between the Company Aux Editions du Phare, Canadian legal registered company under the 834702466RT number, domiciled at the following address: 1234 Avenue of the Swallows, Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick, Canada E4N 1R7.
Hereinafter referred to as "the Company Aux Editions du Phare"
Any natural or legal person making a purchase via the Website,
Hereinafter referred to as "Buyer".
These conditions aim to define the distance selling arrangements between the Company and the Buyer, the order to payment and delivery.
They regulate all the steps necessary for placing the order and keep track of the order between the contracting parties.
Placing an order on the Website www. published by the Society For Phare editions implies unreserved acceptance of the provisions of these terms.
The products sold by the Company Aux Editions du Phare via its website are available for Canada, France, Switzerland and Belgium. Any command to and from another country or world area is subject to prior acceptance by the Company In the Phare editions. the website of the Company In the Phare editions is divided into two zones. A "Europe" for products bound for France, Belgium and Switzerland. And "Canada" area for products to destinations canada.
The products of the "Canada" area are in Canadian dollars.
The products of the "Europe" zone are in euros. the website of the Company In the Phare editions is divided into three sections. A section reserved for the public. A section for facilitators. And a third section for booksellers. It is understood for each section, Buyer may choose between zone "Canada" and "Europe" zone.
The Purchaser declares be at least 18 and have the legal capacity or holds parental permission allowing him to place an order on the Site.


The products offered for sale the Company are those appearing on the site the day of consultation of the Site by the Buyer.
The products are offered for sale in the stocks.
In case of error on the availability of a product ordered, the Company shall inform the Buyer by e-mail as soon as possible. The Buyer will have the opportunity to be replace the product with another of a quality and an equivalent price, wait for a new supply, or to cancel the order.
The products offered for sale are described and presented with the greatest possible accuracy. In case of error or omission in this presentation, the responsibility of the Company may not be engaged. The photographs and texts illustrating the products are only indicative and do not enter the contractual field.


Prices in Canadian dollars agreed duty. When passing the order will be added the amount of applicable taxes; depending on the province of destination of the products and the amount of postage, processing fees and the order of payment.
Prices in euros are heard all taxes. They include VAT, but are shown exclusive of delivery charges, treatment and control of the payment mode expenses.
If the VAT rate is altered, these changes could be reflected on the price of items without the Purchaser being notified.


The payment of the order is by credit card only if the Buyer is a natural person.
The payment of the order is by credit card, check or bank transfer if the Purchaser is a corporation or if the Buyer is a presenter or performer known and recognized as such by the corporation For Phare editions .
Buyer if it is a corporation, a presenter or performer known and recognized as such by the company Aux Editions du Phare may pay his order within 30 days from the date of the order placed on the site; by credit card, bank transfer or check.
As regards the payment by credit card online, only accepted the cards with the initials "CB" cards marked "VISA", "MASTERCARD", American Express, or cards issued under international networks , approved by the Economic Interest Group (EIG) Credit Cards.
The validation of the order by the number of credit card and the expiration date is mandated to pay the price of such order.
The order amount is debited when passing the order.
As regards payment by check, it must be issued in Canadian dollars or euros. The cashing of the check is made on receipt of the latter.
The Buyer shall express him to order Aux Lighthouse Publishing and send it to the following address: 1234 Avenue of the Swallows, Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick, Canada E4N 1R.
The Company uses the SSL security service via PayPal and Pivotal Companies, secure payment providers online.
Data concerning the means of payment are not accessible by the Company but managed by the security services. The Company Aux Lighthouse Editions can not be held responsible in case of failure of lines secure payment providers.


Any order is worth express and irrevocable acceptance by Buyer, prices and product descriptions available for sale, as well as these terms in full.
After confirming the order, the company addresses the Buyer a confirmation email to the email entered during the order.


The ordered products are sent to the delivery address indicated by the Buyer when placing the order.
The products can be delivered in Canada, France, Belgium and Switzerland. Other countries and world area are subrogated to the prior agreement of the Company In the Phare editions.
Products may in no case be delivered to PO boxes.
The participation fee of logistical preparation and dispatch means VAT, all taxes included.
The maximum delivery time is 5 days from the product dispatch for a destination control of France, Belgium and Switzerland.
The maximum delivery time is 7 days from the product dispatch on the site for an order to Canada.
In case of delay in delivery of more than seven days, if it is not a case of force majeure, the Buyer has the option to cancel the order.
It will follow the refund of the order within 7 days.
It is considered that the delay period begins the day after the deadline for delivering.


In case of permanent unavailability of one or more products ordered, the Company For Phare editions inform the Buyer by sending an email to the email entered when ordering.
The buyer then has the option either to delivery of a quality product and equivalent price in the stocks, or to be refunded the price of the order within thirty days of payment of the command.
the new product delivery costs are borne by the Company In the Phare editions.
For an order of several products, unless otherwise express and issued by mail to the company's attention Aux Editions du Phare, if one or more of them were temporarily unavailable, sending the order would be deferred and the command would be sent in full after receipt and replenishment in our premises or missing products.


The buyer has a period of seven days, from receipt of goods to exercise his right of withdrawal without any reasons or pay penalties, except for return shipping costs.
If the seven-day period to expire on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday or holiday, it is extended to the next business day.
In case of exercising the right of withdrawal, the Company For Phare editions reimburse the Buyer all sums paid as soon as possible and no later than thirty days after the date on which this right was exercised.


As from the date of receipt of the order, the Buyer has a period of ten days to return a product if it is damaged. After this time, the delivered products will be deemed compliant and accepted by the customer and the Company At Lighthouse Publishing reserves the right to refuse an exchange or refund.
The returned item must be accompanied by the completed return slip.


The Company For Phare editions liable for defects of conformity existing upon delivery of the product.
If delivery of a non-conforming product or in case of delivery of a product reveals a defect, the Company For Phare editions will either reimburse the Buyer of the product price or exchange the product for another identical depending on available stocks, or exchange it for a quality product and price equivalent depending on availability.
These provisions do not exclude the right of withdrawal defined in Article 8 hereof.
Excluded from warranty products modified or repaired by the Purchaser or any other person.
The warranty does not cover apparent defects.
The warranty does not support products damaged during transport or misuse.
The liability of the Company In the flagship editions will not be retained in case of breach of contractual obligations because of a fortuitous event or force majeure as defined by case law.


The Company Aux Lighthouse Publishing is committed to respecting the confidentiality of personal data provided by the Buyer on the Site and to treat them in compliance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978.
Under the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, the Purchaser may exercise his right of access to the file, the right of objection and right to correct or delete information concerning by sending a request by e-mail at or by mail at 1234 Avenue of the Swallows, Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick, Canada E4N 1R.


All elements of the Site are protected by copyright, trademarks or patents.
They are the exclusive property of the Company In the Phare editions.


These general conditions of sale are executed and interpreted according to Canadian law. They are also consistent with European law.
In case of dispute, the Buyer agrees to contact immediately the Company to attempt to resolve amicably any dispute that may arise between the parties.
Failing conciliation, the Canadian courts will have jurisdiction. The Canadian court seized apply Canadian law.


The Company Aux Lighthouse Publishing reserves the right to adapt or modify at any time these terms and conditions. If modified, it will be applied to each order the general sales conditions in force at the date of order.

ARTICLE 14: CODE OF ETHICS For Editions du Phare

We ask the senders / ers workshops that announce their workshops as workshops Faber / or Mazlish Faber and Mazlish to adhere to the following principles:
1- Overall, respect the spirit in which the authors have created their workshops on the format, content and conduct of meetings.
2- Respect copyrights at any time and without giving photocopies.
3- To transmit workshops F / M equipment from Faber / Mazlish.
4- Not to mix Faber approach / Mazlish with other aquises knowledge in other formations. For example, if you want to add concepts, do it in the meetings provided for this purpose outside the time provided for the meetings Faber / Mazlish.
5- In no time to ask expert, humility remains in the heart of the hallmark of these workshops. The animation work is outside of education or therapy.
6- Respect by its participants the Privacy of personal exchanges and unveilings.
7. Remain neutral and keep the reservoir on the exposure of its own vis-à-vis values ​​of one or of a participant who would have values ​​other than its own.
8. Use the titles of workshops and authors' names only if the content is truly the authors.
9- Do not create written material by passing the material to Faber / Mazlish, in other words, under any circumstances, be plagiarism.
10- Encourage and facilitate interactions between participants.
11. To respect and accommodate participants' experiences by providing a special place to share (without interpretations, judgments or advice).
12. Whenever possible, have fun animating: 0)!


The original language of the online store of Aux Éditions du Phare if the French language. This language is to be considered as the reference language and shall be considered in case of dispute between the parties.

Updated 15/07/2017.

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